Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Septeto Santiaguero

This one's for motorpilot from Litopia.

Septeto Santiaguero
Forget Buena Vista Social Club - founding members Compay, Ruben, Pio and Ibrahim have all passed away. The best son band in the world is Septeto Santiaguero. Contemporary son compositions played in a upbeat, energised way, hugely danceable. We saw these guys on our last night in Santiago, in the famous Casa de la Trova.
Here's a video from their latest CD 'Los Mangos Bajitos'. It's a wonderful guaracha called 'El Culpable'.
('I get the blame for everything; I get the blame for my own stuff, I get the blame for everyone's stuff, caramba - I get the blame for EVERYTHING!
They say I'm vain, cos I dress like a lad, they say I'm capricious, a drunk...
They say I'm a low-life, stuck me with it, cos I fancy my mate's woman...
Someone loses a wallet, they mutter that I took it, without noticing that the wallet has an owner - me!')

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