Sunday, 6 May 2007


Ah how sweet it is to win the Premiership by beating Man City and to have it presented to us at Stamford Bridge. In yer face, Mourinho.

Sir Alex is right when he comments that winning the Premiership is now perhaps tougher than winning the Champions League. Well, I'd say it takes a more accomplished overall performance, because of the knockout stage of the Champions League. There's no doubting that Milan were the better side on the day, but could they measure up over a grueling 40 games, including FOUR of Europe's absolute top teams?

It's nice for Milan to have the chance to avenge the shocker they suffered against Liverpool. Apart from that though, it's sad. My husband bought me three red gifts in hopeful anticipation of Man United winning the treble...a red iPod nano, a red Samsung laptop and a red astronaut pen (for writing ideas down upside down in the middle of the night).

Still have to battle for the FA Cup...

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