Friday, 11 November 2005

I Have An Agent!

Following a friendly meeting at his London club, Mr. Agent and I have come to an understanding. If I totally rewrite 'Todd Garcia, Boy Archaeologist', or more accurately, write a different novel around the same central concept, then he'll represent my writing.

We discussed the manifold failings of 'Todd Garcia'. He agreed - even from reading only the partial - with the conclusions of Ms Agent.

However, he saw something in my writing. 'What', I asked him. 'Hmm, dunno' he replied cheerfully. 'But there's something there.'

It was a strange and slightly unnerving experience. Before yesterday, I had a manuscript, but no agent. Now I have an agent but no manuscript. Mr Agent seemed totally confident in my ability to write a publishable novel, one he'd enjoy selling.

I wasn't sure he was right though. That is, until I had to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort Lilia. After I'd got her back to sleep, I started to get some ideas. I grabbed a piece of discarded paper from one of my manuscripts and used one of Lilia's pencils to jot down some of these new concepts. By morning I was convinced that I have the makings of an even better adventure novel.

It's a cracker - starts with a mysterious death in a plane crash, somewhere above the jungle of Southern Mexico.

R.I.P 'Todd Garcia, Boy Archaeologist'. You were a good lad, did your job - attracted an agent.

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

Major Agent Wants To Read Whole Mss

So, I've been tossing ideas back and forth with the guy (I'll call him Mr Agent) who represents another Oxford-educated biochemist. I don't seem to have suggested any changes to the mss which have utterly grabbed his attention, but on the other hand we're still talking. Even better, I'd managed to persuade him to meet me face-to-face.

Meanwhile, I actually had a request for a full manuscript, made in quite the loveliest email I've been sent about my writing, from a major agent in children's publishing, in fact the very one whose interview I read on a Website. Since I'm talking to Mr. Agent, I didn't feel like bringing Ms. Agent in, in case I'd be wasting her time.

And then she phoned me...Yep. She actually did. Had I received the email? Could I send the script?

So we talked. I told her I was meeting with Mr Agent. Ms Agent then said 'Email me the script, I'll print it out, read it in the next few days and get back to you before you meet with him'.

Very, very weird feeling, having 'interest', having agents call me...