Monday, 18 December 2006

Oh, United...

We have to do it the hard way, don't we? Can't see Celtic off and cruise through the game with Benfica. Can't just rack up an insane lead on Chelsea and cruise to the Premiership.

We bumped into my neighbour Gabby and his son, munching burgers in their car after a driving lesson. "Chelsea are losing," Gabby said happily. "United play at four. West Ham!"

Great, I thought. A chance to go eight points ahead. But no. The minute he said 'West Ham', I knew we'd inexplicably lose, like I knew Saha would miss the penalty against Celtic.

Nothing against West Ham, it's just that, well, as I say, we can't ever have it easy.

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Yanno - Copyright Miss Snark

I may, from time to time, use the word 'Yanno'. It's an ironic version of Tony Blair's 'Yenno'.

I didn't invent it, Miss Snark may have. Miss Snark is a literary agent whose blog provides snarky advice to aspiring writers. I am a fan of Miss Snark. There, I've said it.

MG's Books

I have a two-book deal for the first books of the series title: 'The Joshua Files'.

Book 1 is 'Invisible City'. Book 2 - first draft written - no title yet.

'Invisible City' is due out in Feb 2008.

The deal was recently announced by Scholastic Children's Books and reported by Publishing News. You can read Redhammer's (who represent my writing) announcement here.

Meanwhile I am now working on another project. Quite Secret! I'm not giving anything away about it except that it is set in Cuba and has the working title 'Jaguar's Realm'.

"The Joshua Files - Invisible City" is now listed at online retailers like Amazon.

It will be available from Feb 4th 2008.

And the publisher is...

Well now, that would be telling.

We're keeping this project under wraps just a leetle bit longer. They will reveal their identity when we've good 'n edited the manuscript.

They sent me flowers, bless 'em. Lovely ones, too!