Friday, 11 November 2005

I Have An Agent!

Following a friendly meeting at his London club, Mr. Agent and I have come to an understanding. If I totally rewrite 'Todd Garcia, Boy Archaeologist', or more accurately, write a different novel around the same central concept, then he'll represent my writing.

We discussed the manifold failings of 'Todd Garcia'. He agreed - even from reading only the partial - with the conclusions of Ms Agent.

However, he saw something in my writing. 'What', I asked him. 'Hmm, dunno' he replied cheerfully. 'But there's something there.'

It was a strange and slightly unnerving experience. Before yesterday, I had a manuscript, but no agent. Now I have an agent but no manuscript. Mr Agent seemed totally confident in my ability to write a publishable novel, one he'd enjoy selling.

I wasn't sure he was right though. That is, until I had to wake up in the middle of the night to comfort Lilia. After I'd got her back to sleep, I started to get some ideas. I grabbed a piece of discarded paper from one of my manuscripts and used one of Lilia's pencils to jot down some of these new concepts. By morning I was convinced that I have the makings of an even better adventure novel.

It's a cracker - starts with a mysterious death in a plane crash, somewhere above the jungle of Southern Mexico.

R.I.P 'Todd Garcia, Boy Archaeologist'. You were a good lad, did your job - attracted an agent.

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