Friday, 18 May 2007

My Mate Noam

There's a guy on my street who has two boys. We've all been friends for years and we've watched his boys grow up, he's watched our girls grow up - even saw our youngest the day she was born. We're all fans of Man United so we got together for all those big games in 1999, when we won the treble. As one, we lept into the air like crazed loons when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer scored the winning goal against Bayern Munich.

The oldest boy's name is Noam, because his parents are friends and admirers of Chomsky. (So we can't hold that against Noam...)

Noam and I chatted today on MSN - he's in Edinburgh studying biomedical sciences right now. Like many guys his age he doesn't stay in this country for long - it's one long world-wide trip punctuated by the odd few weeks taking classes in Uni. He showed me his Youtube page, which has two of the most innovative videos I've seen.

Check this one out. It's a video-meta-email! He calls it a facetube.
I love it - so clever, it works on several levels. (Goes long though - Noam, cut the end!)

This next one crack whore made me roar with laughter.
It plays with the notion of bilinguality. If you don't speak Spanish, all you need to know is that the conversation between Noam, his Mum and his gran is actually about the gran being cross that Mum has put Gran up in her own bed. Not about being a crack whore at all. If you speak Spanish you'll get the joke even more.

I've known Noam since he was about 11. Watching children you know well grow up really IS wonderful. A great comfort to those of us this far along the aging process...

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