Saturday, 12 May 2007

Pupy y Los Que Son Son

A small break from thinking about superhero films. (Hint: there are only three different comic books in the final 5 - getting the order right, that's the thing.)

To reminisce about Cuba (again) and about how great Pupy y Los Que Son Son are. I've been listening to their terrific CD Mi Timba 'Cerra'. It's so amazing, really hot salsa/timba, infectiously danceable. Almost as good as Los Van Van's Chapeando.
Here's the video for the delicious De La Timba A Pogolotti.
Pupy (Cesar Pedroso) is the greatest. This is what I love about salsa; some of the biggest stars are in their 60s. My daughter and I saw Celia Cruz on stage in London when she was in her 70s. She danced all the way through the show!

Like any of you care. I have to get some fellow salseros reading this blog.
Meanwhile, here's a photo of one of their three soneros (improvisational lead singers) - my favourite, Pepito. He's like a fiery, red-haired gypsy from Andalucia. This is actually taken in Casa de La Musica, Galiano, where my teenage daughter and I danced the night away with two Cuban hotties. While my lovely husband babysat. What a star!

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