Saturday, 19 May 2007

Cup Final Day...and I Have Writer's Block

Oh I am in such big trouble. Meant to be going to Brighton today for a wedding. (Yes! I won't be able to watch the FA Cup Final...gaaaahhhhh!) So I'm trying to hit my 500 word daily target on Jaguar but can I write? NO!

I'm stuck in some loop of memory, thinking about my aunty who died recently, and the university where she used to work, and how from the first moment I saw St Catherine's College, Oxford, where I did my undergrad degree, it brought back powerful memories of a place which had meant so much to my family, before it was destroyed by an earthquake.

Compare and contrast...

St Catz (top) vs the late, lamented, earthquake-clobbered Universidad Iberoamericana (bottom).

...and...that's it! Out of time, have to go. Come on you Reds.