Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Pie Season

There are fresh raspberries in the shops, and they're not bad at all. Meanwhile, in the fields around Oxford, berries are ripening. The pick-your-owns will get going in about a month.

All of which signals the start of pie season. Thank goodness I had a fresh-baked apple and raspberry pie this weekend. We had an unexpected guest, a rather senior cleric, who was rightly put out at the misunderstanding that led to him arriving to an unprepared house. The pie, however, put a smile back on his face.

Mmm, mm. Yet another excuse for socialising. Yet another excuse not to write. Especially teenagers - they love apple pie. Whenever I bake for my daughter and her friends, it's the pie they gobble first.

Pie...inevitably triggers a Seinfeld reference or three. There's the episode 'The Pie' in which Jerry's girlfriend refuses to share Jerry's pie, and there's 'The Calzone' where Kramer bakes a huckleberry pie (and so can't use his oven to dry his pants)...and there's 'The Bubble Boy' where they drive through what Kramer describes as 'pie country'.

R1x really has me concerned with that whole Spidey 3 thing. Yes it was daft but I was SO entertained...which I can't discount. I'm going through the story with a fine toothcomb trying to spot hideous errors that I missed due to chuckling and eating chocolate.

God help me, this blog has finally degenerated into a full-blown displacement activity.

But you know what? I've decided to think of it as 'morning pages'.


esruel said...

Hey Maria
What I really miss is my mother's homemade bread. It was so thick and heavy you could knock someone out with it! With real butter on it, and a cup of tea to wash it down, you felt like you could take on the world! I reckon our Ronaldo could do with some: a little fortification before burying Abramovich's moody Blues. Funny though, I always preferred crumble to pie. Decadence!!

MG said...

I prefer crumble too. But I've given up butter and it ain't the same with marge...