Thursday, 10 May 2007

A Guilt-Free Pastime

Watching an Almodovar movie late last night, I dimly remember hearing a terrific line before sleep overwhelmed me. It was something like "A real Chanel? Babe, how am I going to justify spending money on a real Chanel with all the suffering that there is in the world."

It's a hilarious line, intentionally so. But I know people who actually think like that - for real. Well, one person at least (and she's Spanish too). imagine living your entire life with that kind of anxiety. Obviously, you can't GO to the movies. That would mean spending a shocking amount of money for something that you've already paid for, if you own a TV.

Which is why I've decided to spend the afternoon giving some serious thought to the Top Ten Superhero Films. As a pastime, it's almost guilt-free - I don't even have to hunt for a carbon-offsetting website onto which to download my guilt. If I decide I want to watch one of these movies, I can download one or walk to the local video rental place. Somehow I'll have to live with the guilt of the electricity that I use to play the DVD, or the computer I'm using to write this blog.

I mean, it's not even solar-powered. Just shocking.

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