Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Van Van viene ahora, el sol natural...

I am so excited about the Cuban dance band, Los Van Van concert this at the Hammersmith Palais this Friday!

Two years ago we went to see them in the Coronet. It was my first proper outing since breaking my leg. Our seats were up in the gods, and I was still on crutches. Something about the music and energy that night broke through to me on a whole different level. It was like a narcotic high - and I actually knew what one of those was by then, having spent two days on opiates whilst in hospital.

Except it was even better. The talent and energy couldn't be confined to the stage. It rippled through the largely latino audience. It charged the atmosphere with complex rhythms that interweaved between heartbeats and brain waves.

This time, the tickets are standing room only.

That's fine. Who needs a seat when you can dance?

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