Thursday, 22 February 2007

Top 10...

Since I'm hoping to be a children's author, I thought I should write the occasional blog post which won't actually bring tears of boredom to the eyes of a child reader.

As a kid, one of my favourite games was 'Top 10 - whatever'.

(Well heck, this is still one of my favourite subjects of conversation but you should see what it's like to be an adult, they MAKE you talk about boring grown-up stuff even if you don't want to, even when the people actually don't have a clue what they are talking about, sometimes, honestly, I could cry with the inanity of it all.)

I hope to be covering important subjects such as:

Top 10 Doctor Who episodes
Top 10 Disney Theme Park Rides
Top 10 Chocolate Bars
Top 10 Puddings
Top 10 Comic Books
Top 10 Kids Books
Top 10 Cartoon TV Shows
Top 10 Duck Comics
Top 10 Disney movies

There's just so much material! And these are crucial questions for debate.

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