Thursday, 22 February 2007

Blogs I Read

Okay, here's a list of the blogs I regularly read:

1. Miss Snark
Yay Snarky! I worked out who she is, you know. No, really, I did. I'm not telling though. The Snark does her best work undercover.
2. Peter Cox
Well, he is my agent. :-)
3. Richard Herring - Warming Up
The diary of a successful stand-up comedian/writer. Richard and I went to the same college, although we never spoke, so far as I know. He spent little time there. He told me, years ago, that he hated the college. I corresponded with him by email briefly during the nineties. He makes himself write something everyday; admirable pursuit.
4. MaryD
MaryD is the mother of my best friend-when-we-were-kids. I remember the cakes she used to make to this day. She did lovely vanilla Victoria sponges iced with orange and lemon buttercream. Then there was this unbelievable chocolate hazelnut cake filled with whipped cream, the first baking of which has a place of honour in my memories. I'm willing to forget a whole year of biochemistry to make the necessary space for the details in my crowded memory.
MaryD now lives in a village in Co. Galway and uses her brilliance as a journalist to paint a fascinating view of aspects of life in a rural Ireland.

Right, now for blogs I'd like to read.

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