Thursday, 22 February 2007

Blogs I Would Like To Read

This is a wishlist. I occasionally search for blogs like this. Still looking.

1. Diary of a Molecular Biologist
I miss being one. I would love to live through some researcher's life, vicariously. But it would have to be honest! I'd want all the details about the science, all the angst and the lab politics and drama, the whole bit. Realistically, no-one has the time to do this well, or honestly.

2. The Real Life Of A Literary Agent
Yeah, yeah, all you agents with your blogs. No-one gives away the really interesting stuff. That's what I want to read.

3. Entrepreneur Blog
I am full of admiration for young entrepreneurs, especially the type who didn't get their start from a Trust Fund. (I've got nothing against the Trust Fund Kids; hey, they are putting the cash to good use, but they aren't quite taking the same risks as the zero-starters). These people are KEY to our economic future, well-being; they are the bees-knees.
Actually I have a couple of candidates here.

I'll follow them for a bit and see which one is more fun to read.

4. A decent blog written from somewhere in Southern Mexico.
I've got my eye on a couple, but they are written by gringos and not updated all that often. Nothing against gringos, but they are living the ex-pat life, which does not interest me.

Hey, if anyone hears anything...

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