Thursday, 22 February 2007

Bloggers need opinions

The word on the street is that you shouldn't keep a blog which is just about the everyday trivialities of life.

(I say the street; obviously I mean some saddo online community where I spend more time than the street, in fact although I regularly walk to and from nearby Summertown, I've yet to have a conversation with a passer-by about blogging, not yet anyway but it could happen.)

No - apparently to be blogworthy you need to post interesting snippets and comment on World Affairs and come over all polemical, like.

Frankly I prefer the 'what-I-did-today' type, but you have to either know the person, it must be well-written, or they must have a reaaallly interesting life, or be blogging about something in which you have a professional or hobbyist interest.

So, I'm going to try a bit harder. Not going for being another Guido Fawkes or anything. But I'll try to post some stuff that isn't about, yanno, me.

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