Saturday, 15 September 2007

Forever Mexican - Chiiidoooo

Mexico's President Felipe Calderon recently said "Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico."

Well hurray for that! Because apparently the cost of being naturalized as a British citizen has roughly tripled since last year, when I last filled in the forms and didn't get round to sending them, and at around £655 I'm not quite sure it's in my range anymore. Priced out of the market! It's probably a quite sensible ploy to avoid undesirables like me becoming British. Quite right too. What Groucho Marx said.

So I'm to be forever Mexican and only Mexican. Which means that there's a little bit of Mexico right here in Oxford.



Lucas said...

Good for you! :-)
I didn't know you were in Oxford. :-O
I was there two weeks ago! Oh it's a big place.
That's strange actually cause that's the same trip as when i went too Lymington and saw my friend from Waterstones in Lymington Waterstones! :-O
Yay smilies!
:-) :-D :-O :-( :-P ;-) ;-D :-@ :-#

MG said...

Do you know the Homer Simpson smiley? (_8^(|)