Monday, 24 September 2007

Ah, the things I wish I could tell you...

Well blog readers, I've had a fun few days. I wish I could tell you everything but because we want to keep some things as a cool surprise I can't.

I popped by the Scholastic offices on Friday to meet up before going to a fancy dinner-n-awards evening with the publishers and some of their guests. Spying some mock-ups of "Invisible City" sitting on a pile of new books, I snapped some photos with my BlackBerry. It's not the final version yet but it was soooooo cool to see it. This book package truly is totally innovative! And splashproof too - perfect for taking the book down to the beach or pool.

But I don't think I'm allowed to post these photos on my blog, sorry...

I was an hour late to another meeting today, because of what the bus driver from Oxford referred to as an 'RTA'. What's wrong with the word 'accident'? Why must we always be decoding TLAs? (three letter acronyms) But my agent coped without me and successfully pitched our proposal to the publishers, leaving me to walk in on the good atmosphere.

The way "The Joshua Files" will be promoted online should now be pretty innovative too. Something new for the world of books, borrowing from something they use to promote some...

But soft! Ere I say too much...


Lucas said...

Sounds great!
Can't wait too see the final of The Joshua Files!
This website is giving me a craving for coke and chocolate fingers. If you don't tell then soon i'm going to be overweight.

I'm gald your having fun. The writing of the book sounds pretty laborous. But it's paid off a great deal!
Keep up the great work and keep us posted!

P.S. You won't believe how many times i've checked your blog for the last two days for updates. :-D

MG said...

Sorry Lucas - meetings in London, sick family members to nurse, presentations to write... Sometimes even I can't snatch time to blog. Mind you, the bug in Flickr's mobile blogging service has put a spanner in the works for me - before, I could blog from my BlackBerry.
But I appreciate your interest!