Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Walking and Plotting...flowers help!

Wall Poppy
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Every day I walk to Summertown, not along the main road which is deafeningly loud, but around the residential streets. It's a great time to think about what I've just written, what I'm about to write but mainly I find it's a great way to mull over elements of plot.

In summer it's even better - the little front gardens I pass are crammed with gorgeous flowers and some with fruit trees, including vines and asian pears, as well as the usual apple, cherry and pear.

Yesterday the sun emerged for a brief hour as I took my afternoon walk. I snapped a pic of all the flowers I pass on my route. I thought they would cheer me up come winter, giving me hope for the return of sun, heat and long days.

Check out my flowers-in-Oxford collection on Flickr.

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