Saturday, 14 July 2007

Fiesta de Los Rumberos

Fiesta de Los Rumberos
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Rafael del Busto (in the cap) takes everyone through some moves in a warm-up Rueda de casino.

I felt sorry for non-salsa guests at the Arora hotel, Crawley. The music from the party went on until 2am at least and was easily audible in our room on the 2nd floor - enough to sing along with the lyrics.

MG - why were you trying to sleep when there was Cuban salsa? Well for one thing, 3 consecutive very late nights is beyond me. We wanted to be fresh for a long day of workshops beginning with Ariel teaching Cuban son.

Tonight though, we'll stay until the end. Some friends are kindly taking care of our little daughter so it's that VERY rare event for parents- a night off!

Just as well. I bet the hotel will get complaints from other guests. But tonight...I want that salsa played LOUD.

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