Friday, 20 July 2007

It's 8.30pm...are you queuing for Harry Potter?

It's 8.30pm...are you queuing for Harry Potter?
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Chucked out of the house by our teenage daughter who wants to partay with her disreputable friends...we ventured into Oxford's still clogged highways in search of a Friday night salsa. But stopped in town to grab food..honestly the traffic to Cumnor is SO bad.

Snapped the Harry Potter queue. Brave souls enduring the cold and rain! Waterstones had the biggest queue. Even though The Works opposite was offering it for the same price and had a MUCH shorter queue...everyone's heading for the Waterstones. They could be warm and toasty at Borders opposite, which is open from now till the book goes on sale.

Don't get me wrong, like. I'm keen too. But sometime after breakfast tomorrow will do me fine.

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Chu said...

I was strolling at a shopping mall last friday and then suddenly i hear a very loud countdown coming from a big bookstore. Headed to the store, of course, since my curious nature (I'm a woman!)wouldn't forgive me if I didn't find out the reason of that huge crowd celebrating. The reason: Harry Potter. Lots of people wearing costumes, kids and adults, cosplay contest, everybody running to get a book. Must confess I was surprised, I had no idea so many people would buy the book in English (I'm from Brasil). Anyway, the crowd amazed me and I just got back from another bookstore with my HP (I'm a big fan). Guess I'll be very busy these days, yay!

(I read your blog sometimes, but was kinda shy to leave a comment. Today I just couldn't control myself... I blame Harry!)

MG said...

Ah...from Brasil? A friend of Oscarinho?