Friday, 20 July 2007

Der Echt Nutella

It's okay, I wondered too. Der Nutella, die Nutella, das Nutella? I didn't want to get it wrong after all. Luckily, the InterWeb provides answers to these questions and more.

According to a Nutella FAQ, it can be any one of the three articles.

So...Der Echt Nutella.

Nutella is actually made by an Italian family company, Ferrero, whose skills with hazelnut and chocolate know no bounds. They also make the Ambassador's favourite sweets, those exclusive Ferrero Rocher.

But the Germans embraced Nutella with a passion back in the 1970s (or even earlier), which is where I first encountered the yummy treat, living there for 6 months as a four year old. When we left to live in Manchester, England, Nutella was the pain thing I missed, for years and years, until it started to be available in the UK, sometime in the late 1980s.

I remember going with school to Germany and coming back laden with 8 bottles of Nutella.

I wasn't being greedy. You couldn't get it in England then!

I remember staying with my German exchange penfriend, the lovely Erik, and being super impressed when one morning at breakfast the Nutella ran out. And his Mum simply went to the larder and pulled out another! Who stores more than one jar of Nutella at a time??? The Germans, that's who. They love it.

I have always strongly suspected that Ferrero make a special formulation for the German market. Their Nutella is the echt Nutella as far as I am concerned. It is more chocolately and nougaty.

My good friend DB bought me a jar from the German deli in London, to help me with my writer's block. I ate a few spoons before going to bed last night. God it's good.

I couldn't be sure this early, but I think I sensed a flicker in the old story brain. Maybe it was the combined effect of the Nutella and having seen Harry Potter 5. I'll have to eat some more, to see if it really works...


esruel said...

David Beckham is a good friend of yours?!?!

MG said...

Doris Brunhilde, from Hamburg.