Thursday, 14 June 2007

Jaguar - the Midpoint...

Reaching the Midpoint of a story is always deeply satisfying (for me). You're beyond the part where you feel you've broken the back of the manuscript, in terms of wordcount you're halfway there if not more, the end starts to loom into view.

More than this though, if you've constructed the plot properly, this is where things should seeeriously take off. If you have, the Midpoint should include a spine-tingling reveal, (simply delicious to write)and then the pace should ratchet up a notch, stakes increase, excitement factor nudged up a level...all of which makes the story easier to write.

In past manuscripts, when I've reached the Midpoint, typically I find that I can painlessly add another 500 words to my daily target.

Well, today I need to write the Midpoint of Project Jaguar. I'm not sure I'm worthy of it. Looking at what the plot calls for, I'm feeling way too fuzzy to write it well. Battling some virus or other...right eye infected, bloodshot and sore...committee meeting to chair later this afternoon.

A Midpoint is to be relished. I think the writer has to enjoy it, before anyone else. If you don't have fun telling it the story, how can anyone have fun hearing it?

So...gosh. I'll have to take a break. Get some inspiration. Maybe go to a juice bar in town and buy Haruki Murakami's new book?


R1X said...

Sounds to me like you're at the nadir of your own story - fighting off infection and other commitments! Kill them all! Oops, sorry, wrong genre.

Incidentally, you've mentioned in the past you prefer shorter books. How long do you guesstimate Jaguar will be?

MG said...

I'm aiming for 70-75K words. That's long for a children's book in theory, until you look at many of the successful titles in the YA adventure genre.