Sunday, 17 June 2007

Carnival de Cuba

Ariel Rios Robert (left) as the Orisha Eleggua, with an impromptu dance student
I know, I'm like a stuck record.

Such a fabulous weekend of partying in Southwark Park at the Carnival de Cuba with mi gente caliente de Londres (those hot-blooded Londoners), followed by a night at Salsa Republic's Afterparty at Club Colosseum where everyone turned out in style. Including (bless their colourful socks) the 8 best dancers from Ballet Rakatan who treated the clubbers to a blistering guaguanco and rueda show at 1.30am, after doing two performances that day.
(You can see the guaguanco here...from some TV show, not exactly what they did in the nightclub)

Flaked out between 12.30am and 1am...thinking...this is it...I can't take any more.

But a quick snooze put me right. Well, not really. Young children and nightclubs don't mix well - they conspire to rob you of sleep. Didn't drink a single drop of alcohol last night but this morning felt like I had a horrible hangover.

I'll be Youtubing some clips of all those Londoners grooving away in the park. (Yes, including me.)

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