Sunday, 24 June 2007

Ancient Knowledge at the Ice Cream Cafe

Ancient Knowledge at the Ice Cream Cafe
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I have become a Flickr addict, I admit it. Especially since this morning when another member added me as a contact. I favourited some photos yesterday and a few were this guy's amazing photos of Mexico. This morning I spent ages admiring the rest of his work...check out Aleksu on

I started looking around at other stuff you can do on Flickr. Pretteh, pretteh, pretty cool! You can upload to you blog via email. Which means that if you are like me, also a CrackBerry addict, you don't need to pay to moblog!

Here's a poster I saw in G&D's ice-cream cafe yesterday. This ancient knowledge stuff is all the rage, it seems, or la bomba as we Latinos say. Let's hope it still is in say any more might be a spoiler...

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