Friday, 5 October 2007

Sneak a peek at "Invisible City"

Almost-final version of "The Joshua Files: Invisible City", snapped by BlackBerry during a visit to the Scholastic offices...

Heck, I'm pretty sure it's okay to let you see this now. After all there's an image on now, and when the lovely people at Scholastic videoed a promotional clip of me talking about the book, they had a whole bunch of the book mockups in the background.

I can't take any credit for this amazing package so I don't feel AT ALL bashful about praising it.


See how it glows at the edges? See how there's lots of lovely edges? See how you slip the book right into a splashproof jacket so that you can take the book to the pool, to the beach? See how the actual cover (under the dayglo-orange plastic) is mostly white, black and orange?

I dreamed of having a book design that was minimalist, graphic and mainly white and black but I didn't even dream of asking for that, cos I assumed they'd say - "A kids' book? White? It'd get grubby...and hey that's a bit dull..."

I want one. I can't wait to see what they look like when lots of them are stacked up, that orange glow reinforced in every copy.

How much would you pay for a book like this? Would you pay £6.99?

Sold! (In fact you can get it quite a bit cheaper, I found one online retailer selling it at less than a fiver. No, I'm not saying where!)

Never let anyone say I'm not a huckster for my books. Buy one! Buy them for your sons and daughters and nephews and nieces.

Go on, make me happy. Pre-order, why don't you?

Forgive the giddiness. I'm still happy about finishing my latest manuscript. I just asked my husband to nip out to buy a box of chocolates to eat while watching TV. Tomorrow we'll celebrate properly with un daiquiri en La Floridita.

(It's not counting my chickens. Milestone celebrations are important, esp for scientists and writers who can work on one thing for years. If you've finished a ms recently, good onyer. It's no small achievement, for anyone.)


Rocrastinator Extraordinaire said...

Oh, it is SO very pretty. People will be stroking it in bookshops. Can't wait to get my hands on it myself (not for stroking purposes, I hasten to add). I shall be poking amazon very soon...

Enjoy the chocolate. And let's have celebratory coffee in a week or two when I have something to celebrate... (Ta for the telly offer, btw, but I think a bit of no-fun-at-all time is required if I'm going to get this rewrite finished. Sigh.)

MG said...

Well hello there my fellow Scholastic author! I just tagged you on FaceBook - finally put up some photos from that thing at the place.

Celebratory coffee - bring it on!

Lucas said...

lol. And have my own at home. :D
Just teasing.
The cover does indeed look VERY cool. I'm sure Waterstones will be stocked up. (With a little bit of prodding with my fiery poker stick.) :D

Interesting that book. On the uncorrected proof of Joshua Files, (i think it was that one :P) it said that it would be in a slipcase. I just thought that would be a small little tag thing like some books have.
Scholastic have done you a good deed.
As for me with my chocolate, i lost it. :( So i got some more. XD

P.S. Where can we see this promotional video? I would like to slap it on my blog, and maybe even show it to me peeps at Waterstones. :D

MG said...

Promo video will be on the Joshua Files website, maybe my own author website and at

But not for a bit...we're still working on everything.

It's very short and I can't help thinking I screwed it up, babbling on etc.

R1X said...

Aw, not fair... my copy is already out of date ;)

Look forward to getting this copy too.

May I ask, do you know why the choice to bring the price down a bit? I guess what with book shops lowering prices anyway, does it reduce the margins?

R1X said...

Just wanted to add - your image looks good, but the Amazon version looks absolutely pro!

Chu said...

AWESOME! That's gorgeous! :-)

Kids? Nieces? Nephews? Cousins? No! I'm gonna order one for me!

MG said...

Awww, bless you for that my luvvy...