Thursday, 18 October 2007

Lake Bacalar

Lake Bacalar
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Finally a chance to swim in the biggest and bluest freshwater lake I've ever seen. In southern Quintana Roo state, this lake was known by the Maya, apparently, as the Lake of Seven Hues. The aqua coloured parts are where the base is shallow and sandy.

We ate fish fajitas, ceviche and Mexican beer in a lovely little garden restaurant on the edge of the vast lake, which stretches for miles. Hardly anyone around and nortenos playing on the loud stereo. It felt really nice and properly Mexican. I thought of my uncles in Mexico City and felt a bit guilty that we weren't sharing this with any of them.

Still - cousin Oscar Raul arrives tomorrow! And then it's off down Highway 186 to Becan.

There have been a lot of blue Nissan Tsurus around, ooer. Readers of Joshua Files will know what I mean...


Lucas said...

Blue Nissans!? Oh no! :D
That would be good in a future Joshua book. High speed pursuit chase by 20 blue nissans. lol.

That Lake look AMAZING!


Chu said...

I'm VERY impressed by the beauty of this place! Astonishing!

I don't know what blue Nissan Tsurus mean, but I will in the future, hehe.

My regards to Oscar!