Monday, 15 October 2007

Reasons to visit Mexico #1 Breakfast

mexican breakfast
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Here’s one of the things I really miss about Mexico; food!

Yesterday cousin Rodrigo explained how come he left Manchester so suddenly last year.

“I missed my Mexican food, and my mum. I’d had enough of sandwiches, pizzas and kebabs. So I bought a ticket and surprised everyone.”

The photo shows chilaquiles (fried corn tortillas cooked in stock and green tomato and chili sauce, with onions and optional sour cream), refried beans and fried potatoes and peppers.

The relief of eating this after 3 years…

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Lucas said...

I'm coming to Mexico. :D
I love mexican food, and that just I love tortillas and wraps and stuff aswell!

Thought as this is about food i would share my new recipe for yummy biscuits snacks! (By Me!)

Packet of Mcvities
Syrup (or honey if preffered)
Dark chocolate

1. Melt the chocolate in a pan!
2. Crush up the biscuits in a plastic bag and pour into melted chocolat mixture (still on stove)
3. Pour in some syrup or honey.
5. Pour the mixture into a bowl (be careul not to burn your hands) and make some cubes outof the mixture! (or anything you want!)
6. Put in fridge until cool and chocolate has set.

Hope You Like them. Good for someone with a sweet tooth.