Saturday, 20 January 2007

Losing the thread

I thought I'd take this week off from writing Josh 2. The plan was to read some good books for inspiration and distraction. But instead I got sucked into becoming a Celebrity Big Brother fiend. The worst case of BB addiction I've ever had...I watched Big Brother, Big Brother's Little Brother, Big Brother's Big Brain, Big Brother's Big Mouth, and the live feed for hours at a time, lurked on the Digitalspy boards. Yes, I'm a basket case.

(It's drama, Jim, but not as we know it.)

Anyway, the distance has already helped me to start editing some earlier sections. But as for getting back into the writing...yikes! I was right in the zone, really trying to empathise with Josh as he embarks on a particularly climactic stage of the journey. Now I've lost the thread, all I can think about is the 4-career car crash that is Celebrity Big Brother 2007.

I should give it up. Can't go cold turkey though. I'll go back to the highlights show only.

Meanwhile some of us at Writewords are talking about the experience of writing a sequel to one's first published novel. Seems that everyone's feeling the pressure, as welcome as it is. Think I'm the only one to admit to dropping the pen to watch a reality TV show.

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