Friday, 19 January 2007

Celebrity Big Brother - the denouement

Amazing, riveting drama. Unfolding like a Greek tragedy. Ah, only now do they see the error of their ways, Jade and Danielle. The remorse, the enlightenment. Danielle confessing in bedroom whispers to Shilpa that she's been led astray by Jade because she (Danielle) is young, naive and intimidated by Jade's personality. Jade performing what looks like a scripted apology to Shilpa as a bemused Jack looks on and says 'I'm disappointed in Jade. I wouldn't make up with someone if they'd said that to me...'

Maybe the Big Brother producers have coached their performers, Jade, Danielle, maybe even Shilpa. Either way it makes for spellbinding drama, which for being real has a quality that you simply can't get with acting.

Jade has begun to realise that her entire career is at stake because she will have been portrayed as a 'racist b***h' (her words). The other housemates are in shock as they realise they're witnessing one or more of their numbers torpedo their careers. Shilpa is too nice and forgiving to be capable of schadenfreude, instead expressing fears over the consequences for Jade.

Jo (ex of S Club 7) murmurs 'Why's it so quiet?' after Davina makes her weekly call to the housemates in stony silence, amid none of the customary ballyhoo.

Jade's damp eyes and rueful smile as she nods and says 'I know why.'

It's only a game show, eh?

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