Thursday, 4 January 2007

Book 2 begins

Since the beginning of December I've written the first 30,000 words of The Joshua Files - Book 2. I had considered the title 'The Lotus Sect' but my agent didn't like it. I went back to the drawing board, came up with something that's hopefully a bit more intriguing.

(An' NURR, am not tellin' you wot it is so SHU' URP!)

Loving this writing. Book 1 is getting a good, thorough editing by my editor as I write Book 2. I've agreed to make one significant change to the character in the original ms - bringing Josh's age down from 15 to 13. Trying this out in Book 2 was key to getting it right in the revised Book 1.

The Editor was right, the difference is subtle, yet will hopefully make the ms more accessible to a slightly younger readership.

NB I will name The Editor when The Publisher emerges from behind the screen.

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