Thursday, 12 April 2007

Daiquiri en Sancti Spiritus

Our barman in Sancti Spiritus - King of the Daiquiri!

We enjoyed a two-night break in the middle of the island in the lovely old town of Sancti Spiritus. This felt almost like Spain. Not a single person hustled us, or even gave us more than a very brief second glance. We stayed in a lovely little hotel where they had the most fabulous, smoothily frothy, frozen daiquiris. My friend Sally (we've been pals since primary school, where we took cello lessons together) and I had promised each other that we'd devote the evening to drinking ourselves into oblivion on daiquiris.

Well, we were so tired after the 12 hour bus ride (and it's not very far at all!) that two cocktails each pretty much did the job.

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