Monday, 20 August 2007

Mi Swing Es Tropical

Watching the latest Jason Bourne movie last night, I was delighted to see the new ad for iTunes+iPod. It's a little salsa song, with terrific dancing.

Re the Bourne: I enjoyed it but later realised that I'd never once really felt as though Jason was in any real peril. He's just so ruthlessly efficient that instead of worrying about him I was admiringly problem, Jason can handle anything.

There's a lesson there...


A.M.Adams said...

Hi MG,

I came across your blog by way of Peter Cox's Litopia and I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your postings!

While I haven't read through all of them, I have enjoyed the bits about your journey on becoming a published author (so sorry you had such pain from your break!) and what books you read and why. All very helpful information for this novice novelist!

Thanks again for blogging and I look forward to reading more!

A.M. Adams

MG said...

Thanks A.M.! And I see you've started your own new blog... I'll be popping in to check it out.

Chu said...

WOW, awesome dancing!

I'm gonna start dance classes next saturday and can't wait for salsa days! Hope one day I can dance at least 1/3 of what these guys dance. I wish! Haha

(Btw, there's a band named Pink Martini, from USA, and they play a lot of different rhythms, including latin ones. They sing in Spanish, French, English, Italian and even Japanese. The songs in Spanish are very nice!)